How it works

  • User Registration
  • How buy
  • Vendor Registration
  • How setting a price
  • How view Earn
  • Payment method
  • Withdrawals
1. Registration User
For Registration go to GETTING STARTED and insert your info with a correct e-mail.

After go to your e-mail and confirmed it. If don't see in e-mail box, see in the SPAM box.
Click on link and "You're Active" and you can view and buy item.

1.1 How buy Video or Photo
After registration you choose your Box you prefer and click on "GO PAGE". You have a content list that can you buy. If you want buy click on "Blue button--> Get Access", flag "I agree with: Terms and Conditions" and click on "Add Payment Card". After you've insert a Credit Card number, clik on " Go back" and click on "Blue button--> Get Access" and PAY... now you can view Videos or Photos.

2. Registration Vendor
If you want become a Vendor for to gain with your content (Videos or Photos), make a registration (1.1) after you receive e-mail and confirm it, You must verify your account by uploading and send ID Document. Go to your account dashboard Here you must complete the info, and go to Verify Account for insert your personal info and upload a photo. After this, wait ad answer and will you Active.

2.1 How setting a price for your content
Go to your account dashboard and go to change "My page" In this page you can change your account ad complete the fields. For the Subscription Price (Per month) you can insert your price you want (min 2 €/max 100€) for view your all content and click on "Save Changes"

3. How view your Earn
Go to your account dashboard in this page you can view your Earn, your Balance and your Subscriptions active.

4. Payment method
For your withdrawal you can setting a Payment method. Go to for setting Paypal or Bank transfer

4. Withdrawals
You Amount minimum withdrawal is 100€, after you can request your import.